Colour postcard printing

November 16, 2011 · Print This Article

The high level of interruption marketing (like television ads, radio ads and sales people) means that consumers are shutting down from this type of communication. Instead of being forced to listen to every sales pitch, they prefer to choose which messages they want to receive – which is why a simple postcard can work so well.

Postcards may not be the newest marketing tool on the market – but the ways in which companies are using them to advertise their products and services is rapidly changing. Here are some postcard marketing ideas:

  • Partner with a publishing company to get your postcards included in trade magazines. If you are selling something to a niche industry, this is a great way to get your message across without invading your potential customer’s space.
  • Send your postcards by mail. Postcard printing allows you to choose your distribution channel. Many people disregard brochures and pamphlets that have been stuck under their windshield wipers, but most people will pay more attention to a postcard that arrives in the mail.

Colour postcards

Colour postcards are the only way to go with your postcard printing campaign. People are drawn to bright, colourful prints – so make sure you are using the pictures, colours and designs that appeal to your target market. Seeing as a person will decide whether or not they are going to read your flyer in less than 3 seconds, make sure it’s not a dull and gimmicky. When you combine full colour printing with high quality printing paper and a clever design, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors.

While many people feel that full colour postcard printing is too expensive, trial and error has shown that you need to spend a little bit extra to get a better return on your investment. Make the most out of your postcard marketing opportunity by creating marketing materials that truly reflect what your company is about.

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