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June 29, 2014 · Print This Article

A doctor’s operations would not go smoothly without the necessary stationery. It is therefore important for every doctor to engage a professional printer to prepare a combo of materials for his stationery needs.

Although doctors sometimes use generic stationery used by all other businesses, there are specific stationery needs for a doctor. Some of the items need to be customised to suite the doctor’s specific practice and promote his brand. Minuteman Press in Strijdom Park can prepare a combo for doctors’ stationery needs.

Some doctors may find it tempting to design their own stationery but if you want stationery that will give confidence to your patients it is wiser to engage a professional printer who will design and print all your items in one place. Patients hold their doctors in high esteem and professionally printed stationery is one of the ways to ensure such esteem does not diminish.

Here are some items that make up a combo for doctors:

Prescription pads

When you refer your patients to a pharmacy or to another doctor they should be able to identify you just by looking at your prescription pad. Ensure your logo, your name, contact details and address and qualifications are printed professionally on your prescription pad. 

Appointment cards

This is an essential item in every doctor’s practice. It provides your patients with the date and time of an appointment. You can also have your contact details printed on it for your patients to contact you should the need arise.

Medical Certificates

You will certainly need medical certificates to issue to your patients when you are booking them off work.

Reference pads

These are very useful when distributed to other medical practitioners who may need to refer their patients to you for specialist treatment.

Patient files and notepads

As a doctor dealing with many patients you cannot afford to make mistakes with your patient files and notepads. Get your printer to print professional patient files and notepads according to your specific needs.

Avoid administrative nightmares in your practice by ordering a combo for doctors from Minuteman Press in Strijdom Park.

Why not contact us today and we will provide all your needs under one roof.

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