Are all commercial printers alike?

March 23, 2014 · Print This Article

Here is another edition of printing myth busters, the series of blogs in which we bust myths about the commercial printing industry, proudly brought to you by Minuteman Press Randburg.

Now, another myth that has been making the rounds is that all commercial printers are basically the same. That it doesn’t matter where you go to have your business printing needs met, your documents will be printed using the same grade of paper and ink and basically the same equipment. So, you might as well go to the guy around the corner and not worry too much about finding an outlet of a reputable printing chain.

This is, of course, so far from the truth that it shouldn’t be called a myth, but for the sake of accuracy, a downright lie.

First and foremost, because the guy around the corner isn’t a part of a chain, chances are good he didn’t have the necessary start-up capital to invest in the best and latest printing equipment. Chances are better that he invested in somewhat outdated, inefficient second hand equipment.

Furthermore, because he isn’t a part of a chain, it isn’t possible for him to buy high quality printing ink and paper in such large volumes that he falls into a notable discount category. What this amounts to is one of two things: Either he is investing in high quality ink and paper but, to make ends meet, he has to charge you more than a chain store. The other – more likely – scenario is that he is buying low quality ink and paper to keep costs down.

Taking care of printing equipment

Another thing that needs to be considered is the servicing of printing equipment. Printing equipment needs to be regularly serviced to ensure it keeps on producing good quality prints. What do you think are the chances that the guy around the corner has the necessary capital to service his equipment regularly?

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