Common graphic design mistakes

March 17, 2012 · Print This Article

We live in extremely competitive times and it’s vital that graphic design is as close to perfect as possible.

Graphic design features in all the major marketing campaigns. An untrained eye may struggle to pick up flaws, but there are a few common graphic design mistakes to look out for to make sure you get it right.

Four common graphic design mistakes

  • Graphics: Many graphic designers start out in the field of web design which can make the transfer from web to traditional graphic design problematic. Image resizing and encoding may make web-pages load faster but it will produce bad results at the printer.
  • Bleed: Another common mistake with graphic design is sending documentation or images that don’t have enough bleed. Generally speaking you should allow about 3mm around every cut off edge. Failing to do so allows the printer no leeway which will result in part of the image being cut off or white borders around the page.
  • Fonts: Don’t use obscure fonts without embedding or outlining them for output. If the fonts used are not packaged, they may not open correctly in some software applications and the unknown fonts will be replaced with defaults.
  • Colours: Supplying print-ready artwork with spot colours or RGB could cause a problem during the printing process. Normal practice is for artwork to be sent through on 4 colour presses CMYK and occasionally on 5 colour for luminous or metallic colour or spot UC varnish. Don’t expect that the vibrant colours seen onscreen will necessarily translate onto the printed material. Consult with your printing company to learn how you can achieve better results.

It’s absolutely vital that you refrain from making these rookie mistakes in your graphic design work.  Simple flaws like these mean the difference between mediocrity and brilliance and only the best will pull in customers.

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