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June 7, 2014 · Print This Article

Anyone who needs to host a conference will be in need of a lot of different printed materials. This means engaging a professional printer to assist you with printing such conference materials as nametags, agendas, manuals, banners, brochures, programmes and other items.

Start promoting your conference well in advance

The success of your conference depends to a large extend on the quality of the conference materials you distribute among the attendees and having such materials ready in good time.

The preparation for a conference starts many months before the actual event. You may find it necessary to start preparing your conference materials six months before the conference. This involveshaving promotional materials printed and distributed to prospective attendees, such as flyers, posters, pamphlets and other materials.

Professional printers like Minuteman Press in Centurion CBD will partner you to produce your conference materials and have them delivered to your conference venue. Their professional conference material printing services will cover:

  • Provision of final quantities for orders just days before the event
  • Production of orders to your exact specifications
  • Delivering your conference materials to your venue.
  • Printing repeat orders of conference books and other materials
  • Production ofconference material in long and short print runs
  • Maintenance of brand consistency among different printed pieces
  • Tracking orders directly to the conference location
  • Help you find the right balance of print, digital media and online content

Remember, printing conference materials is not just a matter of having materials to hand out to attendees – it is in fact a way of promoting your brand and improving the fortunes of your business.

Minuteman Press in Centurion CBD offers many years’ experience in printing affordable and quality conference materials. We offer graphic design, printing, copying and packaging services all under one roof. If you are planning a conference contact us and let our experienced team be alongside you every step of the way.

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