How to create successful correx board advertisements in Secunda

February 10, 2014 · Print This Article

When it comes to outdoor advertising in Secunda, correx board advertisements are one of the best choices you can make to save costs and still have maximum impact – but with so many companies and small businesses taking advantage of the benefits of this method, you need to know how to create advertisements that are a cut above the rest.

Tips on how to create successful correx board advertisements

  • Keep it short and punchy. Most of the time we see correx board advertisements when we are on the move – as motorists, cyclists and pedestrians – and so we don’t have time to read adverts with too much detail. Think of a catchy key phrase to get your message across as quickly as possible.
  • Get noticed but do not make your boards too distracting. This is where you can enlist in the help of a professional graphic designer to create an advertisement that strikes the perfect balance between “attention grabbing” and “accident causing” material.
  • Keep contact information to a minimum on your correx board advertisements because when people are on the move, they will not have time to write down email addresses or telephone numbers. It is best to just plant your brand in their consciousness and convince the viewer remember your name and what services you offer.
  • Create a story by using multiple advertisements in a sequence. The advantage of correx board advertisements is that they are cheap to purchase and easy to create, so you can use them in large quantities. Creating a sequence along a line of street lamps for example, will hold the attention of the viewer and allow you to include more information.
  • Humour is good but be careful not to make your catch phrase too complicated, as it may go straight over the heads of the majority of viewers.

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