Here are the reasons why correx boards are so high in demand:

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Correx boards are establishing themselves as a brilliant marketing tool for businesses in Richards Bay with many benefits on offer. Professional marketing and graphic designers are discovering more and more reasons of why this is the best material to use in advertising and marketing campaigns, because of its cost-effectiveness and durability!

Many businesses and professionals make use of this polypropylene fluted board as part of their daily business – and for good reasons. Correx boards offer so many benefits to any business!

These Correx boards are traditionally used by professionals such as estate agents, for short and medium term signage. Other printing companies make use of it for display, packaging and various outdoor applications. It can also be used for any indoor advertisements at expos and with colourful designs it is sure to attract attention! 

Benefit from Correx boards’ many advantages to your business

These Correx boards are favoured by business professionals and printing companies because of its lightweight and economical structure. It is also a great investment for businesses that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

When compared with alternatives such as rigid plastics, metal and cardboard, Correx boards far exceed all are ideally suited for the following applications:

  • Material handling
  • Packaging and display applications
  • Leaflet dispensers
  • It is ideal for short and medium term signage
  • Cardboard engineering and
  • Point of purchase signage

Correx boards are exceptionally popular among printing companies, businesses and graphic designers thanks to it being low moisture absorbent, quick and easy to cut and impact resistant and incredibly durable. It is long-lasting and environmentally friendly as well!

Minuteman Press in Richards Bay is a professional printing company who can provide you with excellent quality and beautifully executed Correx board products. We are passionate about our products and continue to lead our industry in excellence.

Minuteman Press in Richards Bay offer affordable and expert Correx board products that will suit all your advertising and other needs! Learn more about the benefits of Correx boards for your business and all of the many uses of these boards that you never knew about by contacting us today for more information!

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