What are correx boards in Centurion used for?

April 6, 2014 · Print This Article

Correx boards are gaining popularity as a material that is ideal for custom indoor and outdoor signs. Not only is it a durable product that would last and last but it is also a product that is made from polypropylene plastic, which makes this product a long-lasting and lightweight material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Because of advanced printing technology, correx boards can have any design of your choosing printed onto the surface – even on both sides. As a hardwearing product, it is resistant against UV fading, buckling and cracking from temperature changes and other wear-and-tear. This means that correx boards are eco-friendly and cost-effective!

Where are theses boards used?

  • Exhibition stands: Easy to assemble and able to be customised to your exact specifications, this product makes it easy to set up your stand and get your brand out there at the same time!
  • Estate agents: correx boards are ideal for pointer boards, for sale and sold boards as it can easily withstand the weather and can be put up quickly and easily. Having them printed with your agency logo in bright colours is an immediate attention-grabber and, since they are a durable product, they can be reused again and again. This makes correx board the most cost-effective material for advertising.
  • Point of purchase displays: Need attention-grabbing promotional material that you can set up anywhere in your store? Correx board can be shaped to match the topic of your campaign, printed in your colours and even customised to be freestanding or even hold pamphlets and samples! Colourfully printed advertisements can be very eye catching and help your business grow.

Minuteman Press in Centurion has expert designers that are able to help you with any advertising for your business, while taking your budget and all of your needs into account. If you have any questions about making use of correx boards as your marketing material, then contact us today.

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