Correx boards explained – Some interesting facts

April 4, 2014 · Print This Article

Correx board is a durable, light and cost-effective material that is ideal for any outdoor advertisements in Brits. It is made in the same way as corrugated cardboard, with hollow box tube centres known as flutes and is constructed from a material named polypropylene.

Correx board can be cut to any specifications and designs, depending on the requirements of the customer, which is another contributing factor, its economic value. Printing methods for correx board are usually limited to silk screening or vinyl stickers. Correx board is generally found in three basic colours – white, yellow and black – and in addition there are special inks that have been produced that adhere to the actual plastic of the board. The vibrant colours of these boards can be very eye catching.

Correx board is durable as it is resistant to the natural elements of rain and scorching heat. It will not crack, warp or swell and its flexible nature makes it perfect for storage and reuse. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly substance.

Using correx board for outdoor advertising is effective as you can print your advertisements in bulk and reach an enormous audience over a large expanse. We see correx board advertisements when we are driving, walking and cycling – and very often the bright colours and catchy phrases are difficult to ignore. These boards are also easy to re-cycle and re-use.

How can Minuteman Press help you enjoy the many benefits that correx boards have to offer?

At Minuteman Press, we can help you design attractive, eye catching correx board advertisements that will alert the public to the services your business has to offer – and we can take care of the printing at competitive prices as well.

Correx boards make for attractive and affordable advertisements. Contact Minuteman Press in Brits today for all your correx board advertising needs.

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