Cost-effective printing and copying

September 18, 2016 · Print This Article

It is a known fact to any successful business owner that as much as printing and copying is part of the daily operations, it can get expensive to continuously use all that paper and ink. Not to mention, the space and storage of printed documents is also limited. At Minuteman Press in Paarl we believe in providing our clients with sustainable printing solutions for your business, so we want to share nine practical tips for saving costs in printing and copying:

  • Work your electronic environment efficiently. Do not print documents that do not need to be printed. For example, consider saving emails with attached files on you’re a hard drive.
  • Mark up the document direct from the screen. Conduct all edits on your computer before printing to avoid printing multiple drafts.
  • Use preview function in order to check out that everything necessary fits into a page before printing.
  • Optimise the space of a paper by compacting several pages into a single page.
  • Print and copy only the pages from a multi-page document that you really need.
  • Use two-sided and black-and-white printing and copying for manuals. Avoid additional costs on full colour printing if you can.
  • Outsource business printing to avoid photocopy machine rental charges. Don’t forget that owning your own photocopier requires expensive ink and toner replacement.
  • Scan and store signed or original documents for record preservation. Digital copies of original documents should be a must as the offer a safer document storage mechanism than filing.
  • Recycle waste paper.

Ultimately there will always be a need for printed documents. However, if your business efficiently manages the print and copy aspect, costs will be kept to a minimum. As a leading printing company in Paarl, Minute Man Press in Paarl offers competitively priced business and personal solutions for copying and printing. For more information Contact us today.