Creating a Catalogue – The do’s and don’ts

February 6, 2016 · Print This Article

The purpose of a catalogue is to showcase many items at once and to get people to buy those items – straight away. If you sell several products it’s worth putting them altogether in a flashy catalogue. Think of it as a company brag book. At Minuteman Press, we know what makes a catalogue rock! Here are some tips:

Don’t forget the facts

The tricky part when putting together a successful catalogue is jamming a whole lot of facts into a short copy space. You won’t have loads of space to write lengthy copy but you will need to give an accurate description of the product, including sizes, colours, materials used and the product’s specifications. The general rule is big pictures, small text.

Do include a good word

It’s worthwhile including a letter from the CEO, or anyone important, briefly telling customers about your company manifesto, vision, ethics etc. It gives more of a personal touch to your catalogue and makes it more credible.

Don’t ditch the incentives

It’s a good idea to offer specials, discounts and gifts to your customers who purchase through the catalogue. For example, you could offer a discount on bulk orders, or free shipping to repeat buyers, etc.

Do make it user-friendly

Make sure contact details for placing orders are clearly visible on every page. Whether you highlight your email address or a contact number, don’t make customers flip backwards and forward searching for a way to give you money.

Do use good graphics and pictures

High quality product pictures and professional design are an absolute essential. Consider adding relevant graphics to certain aspects of your catalogue, and think about what audience you are appealing to when establishing your design style. Don’t make it too busy or you’ll detract from the actual products.

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