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March 1, 2012 · Print This Article

The entire purpose of a business’ company stationery is to portray the image of your business’ potential and existing clients, as well as other businesses and companies that you may be dealing with.

Professional graphic designers will be able to develop brilliant company stationery for you, but the cost can be overwhelming if you don’t take your time to find a reasonably priced service. If that is not enough, you must understand that someone from the outside will not have as much of a handle on your business as you will and it is important that you add a personal touch to your company stationery to ensure that you portray the correct, professional identity.

When it comes to company stationery, designing a logo is possibly the most vital component as this is what will be displayed on your envelopes, letterheads, business cards and brochures. Your logo is what will stay in the minds of your client, creating a brand and an overall company portrait. It is the symbol of your business, and once that is done, designing the rest of your company stationery should be smooth sailing.

Tips for company stationery design

  • Appropriate graphics. Your logo will provide a good idea of what your company is about, but remember to choose graphics that support this identity.
  • Information. Remember to make sure that you include the right amount of information (contact details especially) so as not to leave your client in the dark.
  • Fonts. The best tip here is to keep it as user friendly as possible without losing the overall image and concept. Look at your font as if you were the client.

One last thing to keep in mind is your company budget. Never believe that you will have to compromise your image simply because you cannot spend a lot. Much can be done with the most simple and basic of company stationery designs.

Contact Minuteman Press Alberton for help with the design and printing of your company stationery.

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