A custom made rubber stamp can give small businesses an edge

February 16, 2014 · Print This Article

There are a number of places in the retail industry where a rubber stamp can be quite useful. And we’re not just talking about the boring stuff like stamping PAID on a bill or COPY and the rest of the seen ‘em all usual stamps either. No. We’re talking creative, unique and inventive ways of setting your business apart.

Take, for instance, the clothing industry. Say you have a clothing store that sells handmade, one-of-a-kind clothing items. You could go the generic, impersonal printed route – like the chain stores do – or you could show your customers that you really do put a lot of thought, time, energy and passion into every single piece, by simply making use of rubber stamps.

The first, most obvious opportunity for using a rubber stamp to express your store’s exclusivity is on your price tags. If people can see that you actually spent time hand cutting, punching and rubber stamping each price tag, they will immediately connect with the uniqueness and quality of your garments. Furthermore, using a custom made rubber stamp also gives you the opportunity to include your company logo. You could even use different coloured inks for the different sizes. These ideas can also be carried through to your clothing’s labels.

The really nice thing about having a professional rubber stamp or stamps custom made by a company like Minuteman Press Brits, is that you can use them in all kinds of less obvious ways.

Take, for instance, your store’s walls. Whether they are covered with wallpaper or just painted you can use a rubber stamp to create a border with imprints of your company logo. This will give your store a distinctive identity – just like your merchandise, right? And what about tissue paper to wrap people’s purchases in? Or gift bags? The list goes on.

Contact us if you are interested in a custom made rubber stamp or stamps for your business.

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