Customised envelopes for your business

June 12, 2016 · Print This Article

Customised envelopes for your business

You can make more people familiar with your products and services by using customised envelopes for your business. Any information you want to carry over to a client will look professional and complete with a customised envelope.

How to make your envelopes the best

  • When choosing a company to do your envelope printing, ask to see some samples before you choose. That way you can be sure that the company you choose will deliver exceptional printing.
  • Ask the company to use foil printing. Foil printing makes the design you print stand out from the page, therefore giving it an edgy and different look.
  • Make sure that you customise the design you want to use on your envelopes. Peel-off stickers and metallic colours are great examples when customising your printing.
  • Choose the right printing style. Printing companies usually offer three main printing styles, including offset printing, flex printing; using PVC instead of normal paper and digital printing.
  • Make sure that your logo is clear and visible when the envelope is printed. After all, the logo is as important as the business itself.
  • Do a bit of shopping. Do not choose the first printing company you walk past. Compare quotes and choose the company you feel will cater for your business printing needs.
  • Make sure that you choose colours that suit your business brand or product. Associating a specific colour with a specific company will make people remember your business easier.
  • Choose the right envelop before printing. Envelopes come in various styles and sizes. Make sure that you choose the one that will be most efficient for what you have to place inside the envelopes.

Printing is not just about putting ink to paper, it is about carrying a company’s name and taking it to heart. Minuteman Press Lynnwood does just that, no wonder our motto is your first and last step in printing!

Minuteman Press Lynnwood knows how important your business name is to you, therefore we print fantastic customised envelopes to suit your business needs. Whether you want a simple black and white design or a colour design to accentuate your business, we can do anything for you. Let us make your envelope printing process a breeze. Contact us today!

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