Customised envelopes for your Menlyn business

April 15, 2016 · Print This Article

It goes without saying that customised branded envelopes are a great way to add a professional touch to your Menlyn business’ communications. Whether you are sending out accounts to clients, forwarding complimentary vouchers or even delivering important or legal documentation, having your corporate logo and company details on the envelope ensures a professional image for your business.

In addition to a great corporate image, branding your business envelopes and other corporate stationery items also ensures additional advertising for the business. The more people see or encounter your logo and business details, the better.

How can you use customised printed envelopes to draw attention to your business, especially in terms of marketing? Below are a few tips:

  • Choose different envelope sizes, especially if you are sending marketing material, coupons, vouchers or similar. You don’t have to stick to standard envelope sizes.
  • Get creative with your envelopes. You can have envelope printing professionally done in just about any colour and what’s more is that you can choose from a variety of interesting shapes and designs that are certainly eye-catching.
  • Ensure that the envelope clearly shows your company name, logo and details. The envelope provides quick and easy access to contact information, so you want these details clear, bold and strategically placed.
  • Go green! Consumers simply love companies that are environmentally responsible. Make use of recycled paper, or investigate other green options such as envelopes made from seed impregnated paper that grow flowers and herbs when wet. These will create interest and show your customers that you aren’t just interested in making profits – you care for others and the environment too.

Minuteman Press in Menlyn designs and creates corporate branded envelopes

At Minuteman Press we offer envelope printing and design services in Menlyn. With the assistance of our team, you can select the right size and design of your envelopes and have them effectively branded with your company details or marketing information. You can expect our experience and qualified corporate stationery consultants to offer you exceptional advice on your corporate stationery needs and requirements.

Need help with corporate envelope printing and design? Contact Minuteman Press in Menlyn.