Cut down on your printing and copying costs this year

February 21, 2015 · Print This Article

Printing and copying in any office are things that are necessary and done on a regular basis. When you first set up your small business office, it makes sense that you would want to save money by getting an entry-level printer and copier. For the odd print job, this makes sense, but as your business grows you will find yourself spending a fortune on printer ink or toner.

The solution could be investing thousands in a heavy-duty printing and copying machine, but this requires monthly maintenance costs and other very expensive running costs that for a small to medium-sized business, aren’t realistic. Printing and copying can be outsourced, meaning that you pay a minimal fee and still get the large volumes of printing and copying that you need, when you need it.

Let’s face it; it’s not every day that you need to print off things in large volumes, such as stationery, or invitations. So when the need arises, it’s good to know that there is a low-cost solution to your printing needs. Other ways to save on your printing costs include:

  • Stick with black and white printing for documents;
  • Always make sure information on things like invitations is double checked for accuracy before printing;
  • Print one item first as a proof before printing the rest;
  • Make sure all those who need to check the information on official documents sign off on it before sending it to print.

Minuteman Press in Randburg is a one-stop printing shop for any type of printing or copying job your business needs. From wedding invitations and corporate stationery, to bulk printing and copying in black and white or full colour, we have a solution for you. We even offer a graphic design service, so your stationery and invitations can be professionally designed at affordable prices. Contact us today and let’s see what we can do for you!

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