How to design custom commercial banners for your Krugersdorp business

May 14, 2014 · Print This Article

When you’re having an end-of-season sale, a grand opening, conference or event, a large, professionally printed banner is guaranteed to help people find you. The design of the banner, however, is essential to how well it communicates your message – so follow these tips from specialists in Krugersdorp for great results:

  • Branding: Using company colours, your logo and a catchphrase is a great way to ensure people immediately associate your banner with your company. This is especially important for conferences or seminars held outside your company premises, where people will be looking for signage that directs them to your event’s section or stand. The use of your branding also triggers immediate interest from clients, customers or vendors who are looking to connect with your brand, encouraging them to seek you out even in busy, crowded spaces full of competitors.
  • Text size: Optimal text size will vary according to the size of your banner and where it will be placed. Outdoor banners will often have larger text so they can be read from further away, while indoor banners can have smaller text which can easily be read from across a room.
  • Content: Banner content should be high-impact and minimal, getting the point across as quickly as possible. This is because the people the banner targets are constantly on the move, whether they are driving down a street or through an exhibition hall. Something simple like “Summer sale – This week only” is more effective and easier to read on-the-go than “This week we’re having a summer sale on clothing and linens.”
  • Banner type: Depending on your event and where you want to place your banner, you can choose between PVC rope-hung banners, roll up banners, EXEC, ECONO and X-frame banners. Banner printing specialists will be able to advise you on which choice will suit your needs and give you the best value-for-money.

At Minuteman Press in Krugersdorp, our aim is to give clients full banner services, from conceptualisation and design to printing. Our graphic design team can assist you with laying out a high-impact template while our print team will exactly colour match the banner to your branding materials for a clean, professional look. Contact us today for more information.

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