Designing a menu in seven steps

June 29, 2016 · Print This Article

If you own a restaurant then you need a menu and a great menu design is essential to displaying the personality of your company. It is what keeps your food brand business fresh and apart from the rest. Therefore, get your menus designed and printed by a professional printing company in Vincent, East London.

Using an expert graphic design service should be at the top of your list when inventing and creating your delicious menu. Minuteman Press in Vincent, East London is your ideal partner in printing, and our graphic design staff will take you through the steps of designing and printing the best personalised menus for your establishment.

Tips on designing the best menu to suit your restaurant

  1. First and foremost, your menu should be a representation or your establishment’s personality. Begin by crafting your menu and when you have determined your restaurants personality you will be ready to start creating the best menu for your business.
  1. Your design and layout should suggest and encompass your restaurants traits. For example, are you fun-loving, laid back or sophisticated and elegant?
  1. Use your restaurant’s colour scheme to enhance and highlight your company’s brand on the menu. Set the tone with a colour printed menu or black and white copies to best suit your company personality.
  1. Your menu should represent the dining experience you hope to achieve for your guest’s enjoyment.
  1. The font you decide to use on your menu will be a direct representation of your restaurants character and personal feel.
  1. Highlight speciality dishes or use special spotlights for signature items with graphic designs and creative writing fonts. Tantalise your guest’s taste buds with images of your delicious meals that evoke and increase their senses.
  1. Minuteman Press, Vincent East London have all the facilities and professional knowledge to ensure the highest quality print and menu design. Using a professional and reputable printing company who understands and knows your company’s personality traits will keep you ahead of the game.

Stay on top of the food chain by trusting the professionals to design a menu that represents your business’s personality.

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Minuteman Press in Vincent, East London offer professional printing and design services. Offering full colour and black and white printing services for menus. They also specialise in any other printed material your company may require.

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