Despite digitisation, postcards are still in

June 21, 2017 · Print This Article

Postcards are delivered directly to your customers; postcard marketing is not only still relevant but still one of the best marketing tools available today – even in the digital age.


Uses of postcards


  • Generate sales leads

Postcards are a good way of getting the attention of potential clients.  Through postcards, you can generate sales leads as you get potential clients.


  • Promote special offers or coupons

To move away from the usual newsletters and flyers, consider postcards to market and promote special offers or coupons to your customers.


  • Introduce a new product or service

Postcards are a good way to kindle interest in the recipient: they are inviting and thus play an important part in introducing a new product or service to the market.


  • Keep in touch with existing customers

A postcard adds a personal touch when you communicate with customers. Consider using these cards over this holiday period.


  • Drive traffic to a website

Despite the advent of many media outlets which people are exposed to, postcards still have the potential to arrest people’s attention and arouse their interest. You can drive traffic to a website by putting the details on postcards so customers know what your business offers.


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