Digital Printing for Quality Presentation Folders in Hyde Park

June 12, 2014 · Print This Article

There are many times when businesses need presentation folders in Hyde Park to be printed quickly and affordably. Litho printing will cost you more and may take a long time. This is where digital printing is the best solution.

Digital printing is ideal for short runs because it is cost effective, fast and flexible. You can have such items as presentation folders, leaflets, brochures, postcards, invitations, greetings cards, calendars, labels, folders, magazines, manuals and business cards printed fast and economically and delivered in one day.

What are some of the advantages of digitally printing presentation folders and other media? 

  • Allows for emergency printing on demand. You only need to have a print ready file and your material will be printed immediately.
  • It allows you to update your content regularly
  • It is cost effective
  • Most jobs can be completed in a single day
  • Ideal for short-runs.  Digital Print can produce from 1 to 500 copies more economically than litho print.
  • You can print a single copy without incurring extra charges in the form of plates
  • Your copy can be proofread the same day through emailing of PDF proofs between you and the printer.
  • Digital printing method allows for personalisation or variable data

Unlike in the past when digital print could only print on lightweight paper, the modern digital press can print onto a variety of media including non-paper stocks like durable water and chemical resistant sheet plastic and polyester materials. It can print self-adhesive paper labels and complex die-cut folders amongst others.

Experienced printers like Minuteman Press in Hyde Park are well equipped to provide you with high quality digital printing. It is no longer necessary for you to spend a lot of money and time just to have a few copies printed in litho.

Contact us if you need fast, cost effective short runs.

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