Digital printing in East London

May 31, 2011 · Print This Article

With the increased attention the effects of irresponsible and unsustainable human practices have had on the environment, many consumers are choosing to opt for ecofriendly and responsible business practices. This is where digital printing technology comes into play. Digital printing offers a variety of benefits as opposed to its traditional offset press counterpart, not least being more forgiving on the environment. Consumers are presented with a more cost effective solution to their printing needs, as well as with a more sociably responsive method to go about their printing requirements.

Digital printing contributes to less harmful chemical and pollutants waste, as its harmful byproducts are far less than that of offset printing presses. It also uses less setup materials as its first print run is an accurate and appropriate representation of the desired coloring effect.

This technology offers consumers a more cost effective solution to their printing needs, and does not require any chemicals in its printing process, unlike in the case of traditional lithography. It does however take a little longer to print large volumes than an offset press would, and therefore might not appeal to every company’s printing requirements.

Minuteman Press offers premier digital printers in East London. Not only does Minuteman Press have a strong national presence and a solid industry reputation, but their unique approach to each of their clients’ individual needs have secured them a loyal following throughout South Africa.

Above offering their services of digital printers in East London, Minuteman Press also offers a complete solution to all their clients printing needs. This encompasses sections such as the design and printing of menus, memo pads, manuals, calendars and leaflets and flyers as well.

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