Digital printing in Port Elizabeth Newton Park

May 31, 2011 · Print This Article

As with many other industries, the printing industry has evolved along with the digital evolution. This has presented consumers with the choice of using either digital printing presses or the traditional offset printing presses for the production of their marketing materials. Of course, there are pros and cons to both measures, and each process best complements different printing requirements.

The new technology of digital printing is best for on demand printing requirements, in smaller quantities, short run book printing than what offset printing presses would be used for. The output of each page is printed with the toner or ink which is ready for finishing. This technology makes use of wet inks, and the paper needs to dry for a specified amount of time after printing to prevent the ink from smudging, or from offsetting when folding, or cutting, etc. For companies with large on demand printing requirements it would make best sense to use digital printers in Port Elizabeth Newton Park, or wherever they find themselves.

Smaller quantities of prints are best performed on digital printers seeing as bigger printing jobs are less expensive when performed on lithographic printing equipment. The thing to remember is that there is no fast and hard rule to follow here. Each company is unique and is presented with unique challenges and circumstances to take into consideration when choosing which printing technique to go with.

If you find yourself in need of digital printers in Port Elizabeth Newton Park, consider engaging Minuteman Press for all your printing needs. With a large national presence, Minuteman Press is best able to take care of all your printing needs in an affordable, reliable and professional manner.

Offering their clients a wide range of services such as graphic design and large scale printing, Minuteman Press strives to offer a holistic approach to all of its clients’ requirements.

For digital printing in Port Elizabeth Newton Park contact Minuteman Press

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