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May 12, 2011 · Print This Article

It is clear from the growing popularity of colour digital printing, that consumers of this industry are becoming more and more socially responsible and eco-friendly. Advancements in technology have revolutionised the industry and now allows for a method to go about printing in a way which allows the reduction of waste, pollutants and harmful chemicals.

Despite digital printing having become the preferred method for a lot of companies, one aspect to take into consideration is that this process is faster than the traditional offset printing technique. However the output is of high quality and is done with an environmentally sensitive approach and this alone is enough to justify it to most proponents.

Digital printing is a toner-based technology which makes use of wax or oil to seal ink to the paper. Another benefit of this technology is that it does not need various harmful chemicals, as traditional lithography would, in the printing process. In fact, there are various toner manufacturers who claim that their inks are completely edible. At the end of the day digital printing accounts for less harmful chemicals being used during the printing process, with far fewer hazardous waste and pollutants as a byproduct of this activity.

If you find yourself in need of digital printers in Randburg, then turn to Minuteman Press. With state of the art facilities and the latest technologies at their disposal, Minuteman Press digital printers in Randburg offer an effective, socially responsible and affordable solution to all of their clients’ printing needs.

Over and above their digital printing offerings and facilities, Minuteman Press provides their clients with various other printing solutions including the design and printing of business cards, calendars, rubber books, proposals, stationary, training materials and wedding invitations. Consider Minuteman Press digital printers in Randburg for all your digital printing needs.

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