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May 16, 2011 · Print This Article

It is clear to see by the trends of businesses and companies that they are turning to more eco-friendly and sustainable business practices, and this includes in the way they go about their printing needs. Thanks to fantastic new technology, digital printers afford a way to go about printing in a much more sociably responsible manner.

Digital printing not only lowers waste, but also dramatically reduces harmful pollutants and chemicals which derive as a byproduct of the traditional offset printing presses. This is immediately evident in the fact that it uses less setup materials than an offset printing press does. In fact, with an offset printing press up to 10% of paper is wasted while trying to line up colors and get them to acceptable densities in an effort to accurately represent the colors.

This is not the case with digital printing, however. With revolutionary new on demand digital printing presses, the first round of printing is already a correct illustration of the whole print run. Digital printing is best suited for smaller quantity of on demand printing due to the slower printing process, and may not be an entirely viable option for companies with a large printing requirement. However companies are encouraged to explore all options available to them before making a decision on which type of printing process to go with.

If you are looking for reliable and affordable digital printers in Rosebank, approach Minuteman Press for all your printing needs. They not only offer their clients inexpensive products and services, but their commitment to using the latest technologies and cutting edge facilities to streamline the printing process have placed them at the forerunning in the industry.

What is more, despite offering the best value for digital printers in Rosebank, Minuteman Press also offers other popular products such as the design and printing of brochures, wedding invitations and catalogs.

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