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May 31, 2011 · Print This Article

With the recent concentration on the negative effects human wasteful practices have on the environment, many companies and consumers look to new technology to offer them a greener solution to their business practices. This is where the popularity of digital printing technology comes in. This technology not only helps by eliminating waste and harmful chemical and pollutant byproducts but also offers a streamlined approach to business’s printing requirements. The growing trend of digital printing versus traditional offset printing proves that consumers are becoming more and more socially conscious to environmentally friendly practices.

Digital printing, unlike offset printing presses effectively reduces waste by not having to use a high input of setup materials. The first round of print outs are an accurate depiction of the entire print run, and no paper needs wasting on lining up colors to appropriate densities.

However one criticism of digital printers is the fact that due to the time it takes to complete the printing, it is not a viable option for companies with large volumes of printing needs. While this may be true, it does provide an affordable and socially responsible alternative for companies with a less demanding printing requirement. Ask a leading printing company about all your options before choosing a specific printing process.

Minuteman Press is the forerunner of digital printers in Silverton. Offering its clients nothing but the best in latest technology and state of the art facilities, Minuteman Press is able to offer cost effective, socially responsible and accountable solutions to all their printing needs. With a large national presence all over South Africa, Minuteman Press digital printers in Silverton are best able to cater to all your digital printing needs.

What is more, Minuteman Press offers a complete approach to all its clients’ printing needs, which includes everything from wedding invites to company letterheads and catalog and brochure printing.

For digital printing in Silverton contact Minuteman Press.

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