Digital printing in Port Elizabeth CBD

May 31, 2011 · Print This Article

As with any industry, the printing industry has been subject to evolution thanks to new advancements in technology and consumers can now choose from either making use of traditional offset printing processes or from digital printers for their printing needs. Each option holds valid points and benefits worth considering, and is best suited for specific types of jobs.

If you find yourself in need of a lot of on demand printing in small quantities, or variable data printing, then digital printing might be the best solution for you as offset printing is best geared towards bulk printing. Digital printers’ outputs each page ready for finishing, and works best for smaller orders. If you were to print small orders on digital press printers you could end up paying more than necessary as this type of printing is made for bulk orders, and small orders are more expensive to process.

There are also environmental benefits to choosing digital printing, as this type of printing lowers waste by reducing setup materials. There is also less harmful waste involved, such as less byproduct like harmful chemicals and pollutants. Whereas traditional offset wastes up to 10% of the total of paper used in the job on trying to line up and register colors to an acceptable density, digital printers produces an accurate color representation on the first print run.

Minuteman Press offers the best digital printers in Port Elizabeth CBD. Making use of state of the art facilities and cutting edge technology to see to their clients’ printing needs, Minuteman Press is geared at offering a holistic approach to all their clients’ requirements.

Other than offering affordable digital printers in Port Elizabeth CBD and across South Africa, Minuteman Press also offers various other products and services such as graphic design services, the design and printing of wedding invitations, menus, calendars, leaflets and flyers.

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