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May 31, 2011 · Print This Article

Of late, more and more consumers and businesses have become eco-conscious in their business practices. This is largely attributable to the fact that a lot of attention is being paid to the devastating effects of people’s thoughtless and unsustainable effects on the environment, and that is where digital printing technology comes in.

This technology allows for a much more environmentally friendly approach to printing, as there are far less harmful chemical and pollutant byproducts. What is more, digital printing not only offers a higher quality output, but also presents customers with a more affordable option than some traditional offset presses would.

Digital printing is considered more ecofriendly firstly because it utilizes less setup materials than its offset press counterpart does. This on demand digital press prints its first print out accurately with all the registered colors lined up to acceptable densities. This is in contrast to offset presses which would require up to 10% of paper wastage to achieve the same result.

Furthermore, digital printing uses waxes and oils to seal the ink to paper, and is mainly a toner based technology. Although it may not be suitable to companies with a large printing requirement due to the time involved with using digital printers, it proved companies with less demanding printing requirements a cost effective, quality and socially responsible form of taking care of their printing needs.

If you are looking for digital printers in Strijdom Park, look no further than Minuteman Press. Not only does Minuteman Press make use of the latest technology and cutting edge facilities, its commitment to provide its clients with the most economical and best printing solutions have garnered them a nationwide industry reputation for excellence.

Other products and services on offer aside from digital printers in Strijdom Park include designing and printing of proposals, presentation folders, postcards and posters.

For digital printing in Strijdom Park contact Minuteman Press

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