Will digital replace printing completely?

March 25, 2014 · Print This Article

Even though fore many environmentalists a paper-free world is appealing, the very idea gives paper making companies the chills. The printing myth buster: that digital will replace print entirely, is disproved by Minuteman Press in Witbank. The truth is that digital cannot replace some things that need to be printed, especially in businesses and individual’s personal lives, sometimes there is no alternative to hardcopy.

Yes you can send invites over emails rather than print them but how are you going to replace a banner? A poster? Are restaurants going to start using digital menus? Perhaps… But in the meantime Minuteman Press in Witbank can readily provide for your printing needs.

For those worried about the environment. The truth is, paper is recyclable, and a lot of paper sources are approved by the WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network that ensures that paper comes from sustainable forests. And all you have to do as a business or household is ensure you recycle regularly. You are not going to save the planet by not printing, it is far more complex than that. Obviously do not unnecessarily print what you do not need to and avoid waste. A move towards digital does also not necessarily mean saving the environment as instead of paper, you now need electricity to run documentation.

Don’t believe everything you read about the printing industry

The print industry is not dying and the customer response and interaction with hardcopy flyers, banners, menus, catalogues and posters is irreplaceable. So before you decide that it is now only a digital world, think carefully about your marketing options.

At Minuteman we specialise in business communications printing services. We make use of the latest printing and document management technology to handle your product from start to finish. From brochures, booklets, business cards, flyers, catalogues, posters, to related services such as binding, design, cutting, lamination and colour copying, Minuteman Press has it all.

Contact Minuteman Press Witbank to learn more about our value-adding printing services.

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