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October 15, 2014 · Print This Article

There are a number of printing companies in Krugersdorp which will deliver with high quality digital printing sollutions to your business. With a plethora of choices and services to choose from, digital printing can take your marketing from decent to amazing. Techncally speaking you can use this type of print to escalate your marketing and ensure your printed media is eye-catching and has an evident high quality standard.

Digital printing is unlike standard printing. It is not used just to print on paper or cardboard. This type of printing is used to transfer images and digital media from desktop publishing software and other external digital devices to a variety of other mediums.

Find out exactly what large format printing is

Full colour large format printing is a form of digital printing and we offer this type of printing service at Minuteman Press. With digital printing of this type we can create a variety of marketing items for your business such as:

  • Rollup banners – these are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Top quality print ensures high visibility and you can simply retract the banner and easily store the unit in a small space thereafter.
  • PVC banners – these are ideal for indoor and outdoor advertising. Certain inks must be used to print on such material.
  • Teardrop banners – these are popular outdoor display advertising units. They are available in various sizes and are highly visible.
  • Vinyl stickers and decals – these are popular for vehicle and office branding.
  • Posters – these can be printed on various types of paper and cardboard and are popular for advertising purposes.

At Minuteman Press, we want nothing more than for you to have printed media that truly represents the professional image of your business. Contact us via email or telephone to discuss your digital printing needs today.

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