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March 19, 2012 · Print This Article

Graphic design plays an ever increasing role in logo design (regardless of whether you’re designing for online or off-line use). Graphic design allows more possibilities than ever with virtually boundless choice in colours, shapes and fonts. With such a saturated market it is getting harder for companies to design logo’s that stand out from the crowd as well as capture and communicate the essence of the message envisioned by its creator.

Three elements of great logo design

  • Communication: A logo needs to communicate with the people who see it. It should convey a message encompassing the company’s vision and character.  Before you start the graphic design process, you might want to think about the message you want to carry across and then think of creative ways to capture that message into an image.
  • Simplicity: It is essential that you keep it simple. A logo that is too busy will be confusing and difficult for people to remember. If you can’t describe your logo in 15 words it could be too complicated.
  • Individuality: What makes your logo stand out from the rest? An interesting shape and a clever use of colours can make your logo instantly recognisable.

Combine the elements into a striking, yet tasteful design and people will take notice. It cannot be overstated how important a logo is if you intend on making your business a household name.

If you are not experienced in the trade, consult with a professional graphic designer so that your vision can be properly translated into a quality product.

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