Embroidery in Menlyn and Pretoria East

February 14, 2016 · Print This Article

Embroidery in Menlyn and Pretoria East. Have you ever wonder what company a driver, manager or sales representative represent. Minuteman Press Menlyn will ensure that your staff is visible and professional.

What purpous do branded corporate clothing have to your business?

  1. Embroidery on clothing serves the purpose as “Moving advertising”.
  2. Employees are visible and professional.
  1. Embroidery more durable then any other Garment printing and can out live the Garment.

Popular clothing options for embroidery:

  1. Lounge shirts/blouses
  2. Golfers,
  3. Work wear
  4. T-shirts. Embroidery more durable then any other garment printing and can out live the Garment.

Short history on Embroidery:

A sample was discovered of the first embroidery from Ancient Persians, India and China. In Russian an ancient garment was discovered made of bead-like material. Thread embroiders dates back as far as the Chinese dynasty around3500 B.C. This is still used today. In 500 A.D, embroidery was done with silk treats and decorated with beads and shells. The Victorian era saw elaborate Embroidery patterns manufactured by early time machines

Status and wealth was an indicator if embroided Garments and Materials were displayed or worn. Japan and china emperors, royalty and Land owners were commonly spotted with this and thus dictated there status.

Today Computers and computer software increased the manufacturing and quality of Embroidery Computers brought in embroidery software with digitized patterns to finish the texture and designs in the clothing. Complicated designs are created and used to enhance corporate branding. Durability of Embroidery is of utmost importants. Garments washed by hand place huge strain on the garment. Embroidery ensures that there is no fading or removal of branding as other printing methods.

The embroidery process stemming back thousands of years and still in use in the modern world.