Envelopes and their evolution

February 21, 2016 · Print This Article

Paper envelopes were first created commercially in 1845 and have continued to evolve through the years. The envelope and postal services industry has peaked and ebbed and now, has seemingly come full circle to peak in a revival in the form of all things vintage. Meanwhile “postal art”, which is an artistic movement that focuses on sending paper art, and as a result, envelopes, through the post has gained further momentum through the use of postal art websites and blogs. While this is all very interesting, what does it actually mean for your business? Basically, it means that if you want your stationary (and your business) to stay “current” and “on-trend” and “all-the-other-buzz-words-that-mean-you’re-successful”, then you need to get on the custom-printed envelope train.

How to customise your envelopes

Printing and paper

To customise your envelopes you can make use of any of the printing features available, including embossing, die cutting and foil stamping. You can also match your envelopes with your brand by using different types of paper. For example, if you have an eco-friendly company, you could use recycled paper envelopes.

Images and colour

One way to make your envelope stand out from the pile on your client’s desk is to use a wraparound image. You can use different colours to add edgy features as well. Using a contrasting colour on the black flap, or across one corner, creates a striking effect.

Over time, your customers will start to recognise your custom-printed envelopes and subsequently your brand, and therefore be more inclined to open them.

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