Exciting tips for year-end party invitations

December 24, 2015 · Print This Article

It can be fun coming up with creative ways to send a year-end invitation to a corporate event. Apart from the Internet, which is obviously an amazing source for ideas, actual previously used ideas can be reworked and have as much impact as they did the first time. Printers are a good source when it comes to brainstorming ideas, especially ones that offer graphic design services as well.

An invitation is an important link to the actual event – apart from communicating the important details of the event, it can also be an obvious or subtle suggestion of what the event is going to be. An invitation to a year-end weekend away for employees at a private game lodge was printed on an A3 sepia photograph of an elephant. The content read like a quick personal note, inviting the employee and partner to ‘join the directors for a bit of R&R’. The photograph was rolled up and presented in a document tube, covered in old fashioned world map prints, a real keepsake.

Another year-end event, part marketing, part employee fun, was a street party with outdoor tables and benches, fairy lights strung up in the trees and food vans providing the catering. The invitation was a 3D cardboard food van, very humorously illustrated and featuring the invitee’s name in print along with the event details, hand delivered – an expensive option, but one that was extremely effective in marketing the company and bringing people to the event.

A corporate event that provided tickets to a charity music concert, used invitations in the form of back-stage passes, laminated and with a lanyard attached, for a real rock-star effect. A business having their event at a restaurant right on the beach, used a ‘message in the bottle‘ theme, with the event details printed on a scroll, placed in a recycled bottle with a bit of sand, a sea shell and a cork. Another company, wishing to emphasise their brand positioning as being able to provide strategic solutions, sent their invitation is a small box, which when opened, held the pieces to a small puzzle that had to be put together to read the details of the event. An invitation to an upmarket wine and chocolate tasting event, had the event details printed onto a chocolate wrapper, which was used to replace the original confectionery wrapper. Who wouldn’t like a slab of chocolate as an invitation?

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