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March 3, 2014 · Print This Article

You will soon learn that there are a few common mistakes many people and companies make when it comes to the design and printing of their brochures. Professional graphic designers are seasoned in the design of these brochures and can help you to turn out a professional and effective design that will achieve its goals.

Many people believe that they will save their company money by attempting to print brochures themselves. Unfortunately, there are a whole host of problems that come from this decision. Printing brochures on your company printer could result in a very amateur look with inaccurate, faded colours and crooked lines from being folded by hand. This will send a very poor image to your clients.

Another very common error that most people make is misunderstanding the entire purpose behind a brochure. A brochure is meant to draw people to your business and it is important to remember not to include information that does not attend to the core needs of your potential client. Always put yourself in the shoes of your client and answer the question, “What can this company do for me?”

Investing in the services of a graphic designer will also ensure that general design errors are avoided. These errors include template mistakes, which can lead to brochures that are off-centre, badly designed and poorly presented.

Attract and intrigue your audience

Keep in mind that your catalogue, if it’s going to be at all effective, will need to attract the attention of your audience, and capture their intrigue. This is where professional graphic designers can come into play. They will insure that your brochures are expertly designed, executed and printed.

Contact Minuteman Press for more information on brochure printing from our graphic designers!

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