What does it take to create eye-catching business cards?

February 20, 2014 · Print This Article

When you meet someone and they ask for your business card, you’re basically giving someone a ticket to judge you and your business on a rectangular piece of cardboard. It seems really daunting when you think about it that way, but if someone gets a shoddy business card, they instantly think your business will be shoddy too. Here’s how to make sure your business card impresses.

  • Outsource to professional printers
    If you’re not a designer by trade, and you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, avoid a do-it-yourself job. Hire a professional designer to make you a simple, elegant design that won’t cost the Earth and you will be good to go. It’s better to have a beautifully designed, simple business card than an over the top crafty one that looks like a dog’s breakfast. Simple means classy and that’s the message you want to put across with your card.
  • Keep it simple
    Business cards need to have minimal text on them. Contact details, your name, perhaps your website address are enough. A business card should offer the right information at a glance without having to wade through a wall of text to find it. If there is more you wish to put across, allow that info to be optional, but not forcing it upon the recipient. A QR code leading to some more information is a great way to not only show a bit of techie flair on your business card, but to also invite recipients to see more. You can even have it point to your company’s website.
  • Do you even need a business card in this day and age?
    The answer is always yes. If you have a job, you should have a business card. People you interact and network with want to be able to get hold of you. If not immediately, they may want to in the future, and if your card isn’t there you could miss out on some wonderful opportunities. It’s also expected, and comes across as unprofessional if you don’t have one.

Business cards create the first impression for your business. Find out more about printing business cards with Minuteman Press Pinetown today.

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