Factors to consider for Newsletters

November 15, 2017 · Print This Article

In their original form, newsletters were designed to be letters which deliver newsJ. With the advent of social media and the increased connectivity, news travels fast. There are certain considerations you need to have in mind when you come up with your newsletters:

  • Determine who the target audienceis: the news you will share with employees or clients will be different and this needs to be reflected in the newsletter.
  • Bite-sized news: we live in a society used to 140 character tweets. You need to bring across your points with the least amount of words, otherwise, you lose your audience.
  • Tell a story: you value the information which you are putting in that newsletter hence your sharing it. You want the readers to be able to retain that information and the best way to do so is through incorporating stories in the way you present the news.
  • Have a call to action: apart from people knowing what you set out in the newsletter, you need to elicit action from them. Make sure you include things which call out for action – by so doing you would have fully engaged your audience.

Paper quality: the choice of paper type, size and quality depends on the audience and also the intended shelf life of the newsletter. If you are sharing information which is not constantly changing with a long lifespan, you can go for more sturdy paper.

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