Five Design Tips for Conference Material

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The design of your printed conference material should set the tone and theme for your respective conference. A printing company should be equipped to produce top quality material that visually voices the overall idea of a conference. Here are five design tips for conference material:


It is important to determine the most important information applicable to your conference and condense this information into well-structured short wording. The graphics of your design should not draw attention away from the most important information.

Audience Appropriate

The design of your conference material should consider of your respective audience. The theme of your conference material should also coincide with the purpose of your conference. For example, a scientific conference should incorporate a design theme which supplements a scientific related conference.


All designs should be as professional as possible. This includes the wording and/or any graphic representations. A simple design is often easiest to present professionally.

Corresponding Designs

Use the same design theme for all the material to be distributed at your conference. This allows your attendees to become familiar with your logo, motto and business idea due to a likeness in design.

Font, Size and Colour

Conference materials, such as posters and banners, should be visible from a distance. This can be achieved by using optimal colours, size and font designs. Consider the distance of the banners from your audience to determine which designs will be clearly visible and best suited for your conference.

Professional printing companies provide design services for conferences as a standard service. However, it is imperative to choose a printing company which uses the very best techniques to ensure your conference material successfully represents your business, idea, brand or venture of whatever nature.

Professional Printing Company

Minuteman Press in Kempton Park offers all conference printing services you may require. From design services, printing services, delivery services and more.

Contact us for professional printing advice and an estimate quote for your next printed conference material.

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