Five printed materials your conference in Brits needs

June 4, 2014 · Print This Article

Are you an events planner or marketing professional? If you need to put together a conference, our conference materials printing services in Brits is what you’ve been looking for. We will always go the extra mile to help you enjoy all the benefits of a professional printing service.

Minuteman Press is your one stop solution for all your conference materials. Here are five different types of conference materials that Minuteman Press can help you with.

Minuteman Press printed conference materials

  1. Banners
    From directions to cafeterias and toilets, to branding and other signage, banners are a must for conferences as they grab attention. If your conference has stalls, exhibitors will benefit from a banner’s large size and advertising potential.
  2. Programmes
    At any conference, delegates will need to know the schedule of events and plan their time in order to attend any presentations or workshops. This is why it is essential they receive a programme upon arrival.
  3. Name tags
    Every delegate at a professional event needs to wear a name tag. It encourages conversation and networking, which is one of the main goals of any conference.
  1. Manuals
    If your conference has any workshops, these will probably have to come with some training material that delegates can take home with them. That’s where professionally printed manuals come in.
  2. Folders
    After your delegates have left it’s helpful for them to have a folder to keep all the pamphlets and business cards they would collect during the event. Every time they need to refer back to it, they get to see a beautifully printed and branded item which draws their attention back to your brand.

To learn more about our services, contact Minuteman Press in Brits. We can take care of all your printing needs, as well as graphic design, business cards and more. Contact us for more information.

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