Folded over business cards – the new way to market yourself

January 24, 2013 · Print This Article

Want to get yourself noticed and make sure your business cards are memorable? Using folded over business cards is a creative way to provide more space on your business cards for you to market your business offering. These business cards can also act as brochures, showcasing your products and services when they are opened up.

Folded over business cards are usually double the size of standard business cards, with scoring down the middle for easy folding that lets them fold down to the same size as a standard business card. This gives you four panels to display your chosen design and information, where standard business cards give you two.

Since folded over business cards have scoring down their middle, they can still easily fit into a prospective client’s wallets or business card holders. This makes them compact and spacious at the same time.

Think of your business cards as marketing brochures

One of the advantages of folded over business cards is that they can double up as brochures. You can easily market your products and services on the inside of your business cards. Other uses of the inside of your folded over business card include:

  • Order forms
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Appointment Cards
  • Response Card
  • List of Your Products or Services

Event planners can use the inside of these cards to display photos of successful events. Corporate businesses can use the inside to display the logos of their clients or partners to instill trust in potential clients.

Folded over business cards are also unique, ensuring that you stand out among the crowd. Customised folded over business cards also do not have o be expensive, as long as you select the right printing partner for your cards.

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