Full colour printing

October 27, 2017 · Print This Article

Full colour printing has been around long before our technologically advanced, high-speed printing equipment was available. This type of printing has a vibrant, colourful and fascinating history that not too many people are familiar with.

The effect this technology has on any type of media or marketing campaign cannot be underestimated and many studies have been done on the effect that colours have on consumer buying patterns. Minuteman Press Roodepoort has been providing full colour printing services for many years, and will continue to assist their clients in the successful execution and production of all their marketing materials.

The history of full colour printing

As one can expect, colour printers derives from a long and enthralling history. First used in Asia and then Europe, colour printing dates back to the 13th century. Soon afterwards, the Europeans got on board and further developed techniques for colour printing. It certainly was not a mainstreamed process back then that we know today, as each colour printing involved numerous print runs, one for each colour used. Could you ever imagine the time investment this required for each printing project? Luckily for their clients, Minuteman Press Roodepoort makes use of the latest technology in their operations!

The 19th century saw various new methods and advancements in colour printing developed in Europe. One of the most popular methods was what would become known as chromolithography, which through mechanical colour separation reduced the number of print runs per print to only three. This was a huge step forward to bringing the magic of colour printing to the masses, and making it accessible to more mainstream markets.

With a huge and comprehensive product offering, Minuteman Press offers their clients a one stop service solution to all their full colour printing needs. These range from company letterheads, catalogues, business cards, brochures and booklets. If you are looking for the most affordable full colour printers in Roodepoort, Minuteman Press is your best option.