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When you start looking around for information about full colour printing, you will immediately notice that the acronyms “RGB” and “CMYK” are used quite often. These aren’t terms that only graphic designers know about – they represent the basics of full colour printing and colour representation in the printing industry.

The theory of “three colour vision” is based on the 3 primary colours that your eye can see, namely red, green and blue. The acronym “RGB” is used when one refers to these three primary colours. When these three colours are added together, lights of RGB colours produce white light (which why these colours are called the “additive model”). This is the most basic model used for full colour printing.

CMKY is another model that gets used for full colour printing in the printing industry. These colours, when grouped together, are known as the “subtractive model”. The colours in CMKY include the following:

  • Cyan – A type of aqua blue. Green and blue are grouped together to make cyan.
  • Magenta – Also known as fuchsia, this bright pink / purple can’t be generated by a single wavelength of light, making it an “extra-spectral colour”
  • Key – The K in CMKY stands for “key”, which is black. When the other colours of the CMKY models are carefully aligned, the colour black is created.
  • Yellow – In order to produce green, yellow and cyan are layered.

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