Full colour printing

May 3, 2011 · Print This Article

The term “full colour printing” refers to the process of using four different colours of ink to create full colour photographic prints. Besides the three primary colours (red, green and blue) the four colours used to create full colour prints are cyan, magenta, key (black) and yellow, which are collectively called “CMKY”. When these colours are combined, thousands of different colours can be created to create amazing results.

During the printing process, printing equipment transfers the cyan, magenta, key (balck) and yellow colours onto the rolls of paper in various layers of dots. When the colours are combined and mixed, the illusion of a full spectrum of colours is created. This printing technology gives you peace of mind that your prints will have the exact colours that you specified.

Photographic quality results, coupled with quick turnaround times are often the top reasons why people choose full colour printing over other printing methods. There are also a number of flexibility benefits when you contact a printing company that has state-of-the-art printing equipment, such as being able to print in any size (such as large format or wide format).

Like any industry, the technology used in printing is always advancing. If you are looking for full colour printers in Centurion CBD, make sure you choose a company that uses the latest printing methods to give you top quality prints. While the make and model of the full colour isn’t something that most people are concerned with, you want the final result to be perfect every time.

Minuteman Press is full colour printers in Centurion CBD that continuously invest in their printing technology.  Whether you need five hundred or five thousand prints – we’ve got the solutions to suite your needs. Contact Minuteman Press Centurion CBD for full colour printing

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