Full colour printing

May 3, 2011 · Print This Article

In the past, most printing companies created plates and positives in order to offset images and text onto paper. This process, known as offset printing, is still a widely used and relevant process in today’s printing environment. Other modern machines and processes, such as full colour digital printing technologies, however, are continuing to advance and offer clients an ideal solution for a variety of print jobs.

It is easy to order full colour prints because all you need to do is take or email your electronic file to the printing company to order prints. Whether you have commissioned a graphic designer to create an attention-grabbing poster, or you have made your own business cards, make sure the printing company specialises in digital full colour printing to give you the results you want.

Most commercial printing companies offer full colour printing (also known as four colour printing). The four colours that are used to create 100% colour representation include cyan (blue), magenta (fuchsia), yellow and black. The collective name for these colours is “CMYK” and most graphic design software (such as Photoshop) has a function to convert the colours to CMYK for printing purposes. All digital full colour printing companies need to receive the electronic file with the business cards, brochures or flyers in CMYK in order to print them.

If you need the exact colours in your prints, specify full colour printing for your next print job, ensuring that the original artwork is converted to CMYK.
Minuteman Press is full colour printers in Cresta that specialise in all the latest printing techniques, expert service and industry know-how. We believe that your business is our business and that if you succeed, we succeed.

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