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May 6, 2011 · Print This Article

In the past, full colour printing was an expensive printing option that was often only specified for corporate documents, annual reports and business proposals. The full colour printing process, along with all its associated technologies and equipment, has been optimised and improved over the decades, making it a convenient and affordable printing option for even the smallest printing budget.

If you are a professional graphic designer, you invariably need to get your clients’ design work ready for the printers. While the majority of graphic designers will know what “CMYK” stands for, this term is still vague for the everyday business person.

CMYK refers to the four colour process used in full colour printing. During this process, four different colour plates (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) are used to separate the many different colours of your artwork into these four broad categories. The inks for each of these CMYK colours are then transferred to different rollers, one by one, onto a paper. These different colours are then transferred to a card (also known as a “stock” within the printing industry) in order to create the full spectrum of colours on your prints.

Full colour printing can be done with both digital printing machines as well as traditional offset machines. If you want top class prints that create maximum impact on your readers – get a printing company that uses the latest technologies.

Minuteman Press is full colour printers in Germiston that specialises in creating photographic quality prints. Whether you need 500 brochures or 10,000 copies of a multiple page document, we have the equipment, enthusiasm and dedication to handle your order. We use high quality inks and regularly maintained presses to provide rich, vibrant colours for your prints.

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