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February 18, 2013 · Print This Article

Are you in Meadowdale and wondering how full colour printing works? Minuteman Press Meadowdale gives this brief explanation:

When you send a flyer, poster or banner to a printing company, the digital files need to be converted to CMYK. This model stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black) and it is used throughout the printing process. Digital printing consists of a four-colour printing process for each of the aforementioned colours. When you combine these colours, the human eye is able to see the final, full colour image.

If you want to print photographs or other documents in the exact same colour as the original copy (called “exact colour matching” in the printing industry), contact a printing company about full colour printing and get a free quote.

Why choose full colour printing?

  • High impact: Rich, vibrant colours are essential for postcards, letterheads, booklets, catalogues, signs and banners if you want to create a high impact product. If you want your document to be read or your billboard to get noticed, make sure you have specified a full colour printing job.
  • Costeffective: Exact colour matching used to be a relatively expensive printing process, but advances in printing technology has led to this process becoming very affordable for a variety of print jobs.
  • Quality: Full colour printing can combine bold colours with photograph quality images, giving you striking, professional results.

Minuteman Press Meadowdale offers full colour printing, and whether you are a student that needs a thesis printed in full colour or an academic institution that needs thousands of booklets printed – we have the equipment and experience to complete your printing before your deadline.

In order to offer clients the best products and customer service, we make sure that we are up to date with everything that involves our business so that you can get the dedicated and reliable service you need.

For more information about full colour printing services in Meadowdale, contact Minuteman Press today.

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