Full colour printing

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Whether you are printing a poster, photograph, banner or flyer – full colour printing ensures that you have 100% colour representation on your prints. This printing technology has advanced over the years in order to ensure that the full spectrum of colour is transferred from the original file or photograph onto the prints.

How it works

Reproducing colours from photographs or electronic files relies on the theory that there are three primary colours, namely blue, red and green. In the printing industry, these three colours are known as “RGB”. According to the three-colour theory, the human eye first sees these three main colours and then adds various combinations of the colours and white light in order to create colours such as turquoise, orange, grey and so forth. In order to recreate the broad range of other colours, white light is added to these three primary colours.

While graphic design, layout and content are important part of your marketing prints, so is the quality of prints you will receive. If you create a flyer or brochure on your computer and print it out on a small desktop printer, you will notice that the colours aren’t always the same as they are on your screen (the orange may look a bit brown, or a light green may look like blue once it is printed on paper). In order to ensure that your prints are the exact same colours on your screen, specify full colour printing for your next print job.

Minuteman Press Alberton is specialist full colour printers in Alberton. As industry leaders in printing technology, we used the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that images are transferred onto prints in their full colour spectrum. If you are looking for a printing company that can give you photo-quality prints, contact Minuteman press!

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