Printers in Vanderbijlpark

Originally named after Hendrik van der Bijl, Vanderbijlpark has a vibrant city life and economy. Many industries, including graphic design firms and professional printers in Vanderbijlpark continue to thrive in the city’s diverse business district.

Vanderbijlpark’s history dates back as far as 1920. Hendrik van der Bijl, a talented electrical engineer and industrialist who was living in the United States at the time was called back to South Africa by then Prime Minister Jan Smuts.

Van der Bijl was asked to advise the South African government on planning South Africa’s industrial development and masterminded the Iron and Steel Corporation’s first plant at Pretoria. Following increased demand for steel and iron in South Africa after World War II, an additional 100km2 was bought where another large steel works was erected, along with a model town that would later be known as Vanderbijlpark. The city was proclaimed as Vanderbijlpark in 1947.

Here are a few other interesting facts about Vanderbijlpark’s history:

  • There are more than 60 primary and secondary schools in the Vaal Triangle area, with 16 primary and 8 secondary schools located in Vanderbijlpark
  • The North-West University’s Vaal Triangle campus is also located in Vanderbijlpark and also makes use of professional printers to print all their communication and course materials
  • The Loch Vaal, which was built in 1922, is a huge and all-encompassing water system. It provides Southern Gauteng with over a billion litres water a day – and is also a popular water sports destination for locals and international visitors
  • The more than 500 000 trees of Vanderbijlpark shades streets named after composers, writers, poets, engineers and scientists, among others. Here you will find some of the most cosmopolitan communities in South Africa – ranging from businesses such as printers, shoemakers and mechanics to car dealerships and wholesale supermarkets

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