Get Creative with Modern Year-End Event Invitations

October 1, 2015 · Print This Article

As times change, new and more creative ideas come to the fore. Modernity simply means keeping abreast with current tastes. Online design and printing services have been invaluable in helping to create catchy and attractive invitations, with incorporation of many innovative trends.

Let us look at a few ideas that you can use with your graphic designers in Alberton to create your own year-end invitations – ones your attendees will keep in their drawers long after the day has come and gone.

What are the common features for modern invitations? 

  1. Lettering styles – use larger fancier fonts to highlight attendees’ names on the invite.
  2. Ink colours – choose to separate ink colours to highlight important items on the invite such as event details – venue, date, time, etc.
  3. Pockets – these are getting more stylish and hold the invites. There various designs so don’t be afraid to experiment. Have the brand logo somewhere on it.
  4. Self-mailing – instead of having a separate envelope for mailing, the pocket above can act as envelopes so you can mail invites as they are.
  5. Colours – choose bright, bold colours in line with the brand identity or party theme colours. Online design and printing services make it much easier with a vast array of shades to choose from. Beautifully blended colours give a striking impression.
  6. Shapes and sizes – choose distinct and unusual shapes and sizes, such as polygons, uneven squares, shapes of animals, flowers and others.
  7. Patterns – paisley and retro-motifs as borders or background are becoming increasingly popular.
  8. Envelope/paper colour – choose a design that will render well on solid-coloured paper, so that you can use coloured paper and envelopes, a common trend nowadays.
  9. Recycled paper – go eco-friendly by printing invitations on recycled paper. There are many beautiful and unique designs to choose from.
  10. Embellishments – ribbons on pockets or on the card itself are popular. You can also use buttons, bows and other little trinkets to add some flare.

Contemporary-style invitations should highlight your brand identity while allowing you some wiggle-room to be creative. Who wouldn’t want to end their year in top style? Not you, right?

Contact us for more information on creative ideas for year-end invitations.

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