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March 6, 2015 · Print This Article

A postcard for your company can speak volumes to potential clients. View it as a sort of minni billboard which you will be placing in their hands every time you meet with them. Postcards are one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience because people associate postcards with personal interest. It is a way to show current and potential clients you care, while creating brand awareness and advertising at the same time. 

When you begin designing, it is important to remember that postcards have two sides. The first side we call ‘the billboard side’ which should give an indication of what needs to be put there. This side is all about aesthetics and is where you would place the name of your business along with a high quality image and slogan.

Remember to keep it simple and eye catching- just like a billboard. You want to create a classy image for your clients, so it is important to generate the right feel with the face of the card and ensure that the headline is the first thing your customer will read.

When your customer turns over, there should be a message waiting for them on the other side. This is an excellent time to introduce customers to special offers and promotions or to simply highlight the benefits of certain products or services.

Always include a call to action spectrum on your postcard encouriging your client to become engaged with your offering. Perhaps make your postcard a coupon or discount voucher on whatever product or service you are promoting.

At Minuteman Press in Centurion, we offer full colour printing services and a wide range of high quality paper to fit all your company printing requirements.

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