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March 18, 2015 · Print This Article

People today often wonder what the purpose of a postcard is. What with new technology such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook available, a hand written postcard tends to appear slightly out dated. In the US, a handwritten note is received only once every seven weeks on average. The handwritten note is becoming a rare commodity, which is why they are that much more charming in this day and age.

When you type up anything, be it an email or an instant message, you can easily undo or delete words and sentences. But with a handwritten postcard, you have to consider each and every word that you write, so as not to have to whip out the correction fluid (if you actually have any on hand these days!)

For businesses, sending handwritten postcards for birthdays of staff and clients, adds a touch of class and charm. Sending a boring email with a generic message is so easily forgotten, but something personal and handwritten is something to be treasured. Which is why companies should consider having a batch of postcards printed for occasions such as these. For the design of the postcard, consider:

  • The colours of your logo and which photograph you should use to compliment these
  • Having an illustration or painting done just for the company
  • Using a scanned-in fabric swatch or paint sample (perfect for interior decorating companies)
  • Using a group photo of your staff, be it the whole company or specific departments

If you understand the importance of the handwritten note, head to Minuteman PressPort Elizabeth Newton Park where we can create, design and print all your corporate stationery needs, including letterheads, notepads, postcards, manuals, newsletters, and memo pads. Contact us today and let’s bring some charm back to correspondence.

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